Photography by Inhabit Photos

Privacy & Seclusion

Property Details

StatusNo Longer Available
List Price $167,700
Approx s.f.1269

14938 SW 109th

Portland, Oregon 97224

Privacy & Seclusion

The future is here! Now you can actually walk room-to-room through a prospective home (even going up and down stairs) while sitting in front of your computer and get a view of it that’s “better than being there.” This feature provides a high resolution, interactive view from every angle inside every room. Think of it like Google Street View, but for inside the home. You can also see a dollhouse view that removes the roof, allowing you to look into the entire house’s floorplan, see how various rooms flow together and even see the relationship between rooms on different levels of the house.

Click the center of the image below to launch the 3D Showcase that we created for this home. Use your mouse to click where you want to move to or use the arrow keys on your key pad to walk around in the house(on a mobile device tap the screen to move where you want to go). Then use the icon on the bottom left to switch from walking around the house to the doll house view of it. When in the dollhouse view use the arrow keys on your key pad to rotate the view of the home (on a mobile device simply rotate the image with your finger).

Cozy two-bedroom, high ceiling condo in secluded, peaceful Canterbury Woods community with wood-burning fireplace and generously sized loft for that extra bedroom, office, or den. You love to bike, boat, or do a little project work in your spare time? How about a 500 sq. ft. storage unit for all your extra gear? No more storage issues! Community garden too for your green thumb. Convenient location, mere blocks from shopping, parks, and an eighteen-hole golf course. Plus, just a short hop to Washington Square.


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